The Northwestern Michigan Fair Starts on...

Sunday August 4th, 2024

Northwestern Michigan Fair fun starts...


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Grandstand Events

View this year's Northwestern Michigan Fair schedule for event details and purchase tickets in advance! Get your Northwestern Michigan Fair, Front Gate, Grandstand Events, and Mega Bands tickets below.


Sunday, August 4th - Draft Horse Show - 10 am - FREE Show - No Ticket needed!

Sunday, August 4th - TNT Figure 8 and Demolition Derby - 7 pm

Monday, August 5th - Lawnmower Races - 7 pm

Tuesday, August 6th - Tough Trucks - 7 pm

Wednesday, August 7th - Truck and Tractor Pulls - 7 pm

Thursday, August 8th - Twisted P Rodeo - 7 pm

Friday, August 9th - TNT Bump & Run and Demolition Derby- 7 pm

Saturday, August 10th - Super Kicker Rodeo - 7 pm

Livestock Meeting

Livestock Meeting

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