2019 Events

Calender of Events for 2019

  • April 8th - Livestock Meeting 7pm
  • April 11th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm
  • April 27th - 4-H Work Bee 9am - 11:30am, 2pm - 4:30pm
    May 4th Swine Tagging 8am - Noon
    May 4th Horse Stall Setup 1 - 4pm
    May 5th Poultry/Rabbit 3pm
  • May 6th - Livestock Meeting
    May 7th Swine Tagging 5 -8pm
  • May 9th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm 
  • May 15th – 4-H Work Bee 6pm - 8:30pm
    May 17 - 19th - 4-H Boot Camp
    May 22nd - Twilight Show
    May 22 - 26th - Red Dresser
    May 31 - June 2nd - Cattle Show
  • June 3rd  - Livestock Meeting
    June 7 - 9th - Relay for Life
    June 10th - Poultry/Rabbit 6-8pm
    June 12th - Twilight Show
    June 12 - 16th - Dog Show
  • June 13th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm
  • June 18th - 4-H Work Bee 6pm-8:30pm
    June 21 - 23rd - Anna Bays Horse Show
    June 22nd - Graduation Party
  • June 24th - Livestock Meeting 7pm
    June 29th - Hoof Trimming
    July 10th -Swine Barn Pens Setup 6 - 8pm
  • July 11th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm 
    July 12 -14th - Anna Bays Horse Show
    July 17th - Twilight Horse Show
  • July 18th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm 
  • July 22nd - Livestock Meeting 7pm
  • July 23rd - 4-H Work Bee 6pm-8:30pm
  • July 25th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm
  • August 4-10th - Fair
    August 21st - Twilight Show
    August 23 - 24th - Horse Show
  • September 9th - Livestock Meeting 7pm
  • September 12th - Fair Board Meeting - 7pm
    October 4,5,6,11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26, & 27th - Screams in the Dark
  • October 7th - Livestock Meeting 7pm
  • October 10th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm
  • November 4th - Livestock Meeting 7pm
  • November 7th - Fair Annual Meeting 6:30pm
  • December 12th - Fair Board Meeting 7pm

The Fairgrounds has made a major improvement in the group camping areas. In addition to our 133 camping sites available in the state licensed campgrounds on the north end of the grounds, we have added several "Group Camping" areas in the wooded areas around the showgrounds and barns. These areas are available for all show weekends and by arrangement with the camp host at other times.

Overnight stabling is available at the fairgrounds. Interstate travel papers (where required) and proof of negative Coggins test are needed for each horse. Please contact the Camp Host for all the details.

General rules for horses at the fairgrounds:

All horses brought to the fairgrounds must have proof of negative Coggins test as required by State Law. No smoking within 30 feet of the barns.  Keep Aisles and walkways clear.

Clean up after your horses and yourselves.  Horses are not allowed in the Main Campground or grass areas west and south of the showgrounds.  Clean up around your trailer if you tie your horses out.  Do not apply hoof black or other treatments on paved areas.