The Northwestern Michigan Fair Starts on...

Sunday August 4th, 2024

Northwestern Michigan Fair fun starts...




Northwestern Michigan Fair Association Price List – 2024

*Mandatory Non-Refundable Booking Fee $50
Required Security Deposit $500
Building Rental Fees Per Day:
Dick Fitch Building (145'X 44') $500

Rabbit Barn (25'X66') 

Tanner Building (50'X 60') $500
Goat Barn (30'X 120') $500
Evelyn Heim Building (72’X 50') $500
Swine Barn (48' X 180') $500
Rosa Covered Arena (60' X 100') $500
Haberlein Covered Arena (60' X 160') $500
Poultry Barn (44' X 62') $500
Parking Lot Per Board
Full Grounds Rental (excluding campground) Per Board
Food Booth – Mandatory additional $500 deposit / $500 Weekend / $1,000 Week / $250 Day
Any & All Vendors: All vendors must have proper licensing and permits and be approved 15 Days in advance by the board
Livestock, non-refundable booking fee, $300 deposit, 4-H excluded $50
The Bundle, Friday (noon) to Sunday evening $1,000
Includes competiton and practice arenas, Haberlein arena. Arenas will be graded prior to event
Stalls $5 Per day/Per Stall 
Renters must provide their own bedding in stalls and strip stalls after use. Stalls not stripped clean will be assessed $20 cleaning fee deducted from security deposit. 
Camping $35 per site



(Livestock Is Not Permitted in the Campground Area)

All lessees must have signed contract and half of cost rental 30 days in advance of event, along with a security fee. Remainder must be paid within 7 days before event.

*Proof of a Minimum of One Million Dollar Liability Insurance Required, & Meet All Food & Fire Regulations & Licensure for Grand Traverse County/ State of Michigan.

A Blair Township Emergency Services Fire Inspection Certificate will be required contact Fire Chief Bill Parker at 231-276-6341.

**Additional Utilities Charge May Be Added

Renters will hold Northwestern Michigan Fair Association and Recognized Affiliates Harmless.


  1. Any person renting or utilizing the Northwestern Michigan Fair Grounds and facilities will be required to abide by all regulations requirement and rules as stipulated by State of Michigan, Grand Traverse County, Blair Township and the Northwestern Michigan Fair.

  2. It will be the lessee/user's responsibility to enforce any and all regulation, requirement and rules. Anyone found in violation of these regulations, requirements, rules will be immediately dismissed from the Northwestern Michigan Fair property or its rented facilities. Violators return to the property will be at the sole discretion of the Northwestern Michigan Fair Board.

  3. Lessee's must provide written proof of Insurance Commercial, General Liability or an “Occurrence Basis” with limits of not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and/or aggregate combined single limit, personal injury, bodily injury, and property damage specifically naming the Northwestern Michigan Fair Association. Additional insured endorsement to read “To the fullest extent permitted by law, the lessee or user agrees to defend, pay in behalf of, indemnity and hold harmless Northwestern Michigan Fair Association; including it's board members, association members, employees and volunteers against any and all claims, demands, suits, or losses, including all cost connected therewith, and/or damages which may be asserted, claimed or recovered against the lessee/user or any organization they represent”.

  4. All lessees/users will leave the grounds in equal or better condition prior to their use.

  5. Any issues or problems will be directed to the camp hosts including, but not limited to, lights on/off, sound equipment, access to NWMF emergency contact, the on/off of watered areas, the malfunction of area facilities.

  6. All fees/ money must be paid to the NWMF prior to set up and occupation including camping.

  7. Camping will be assigned and fees will be paid to the campground host unless by alternate agreement with NWMF.

  8. Parking will be allowed in designated parking areas, which will include parking north of the service road behind the barns. No parking between barns, buildings, green spaces or covered arenas. Fire lanes must  be kept open at all times which prohibit parking on roads.

  9. Livestock will be allowed to practice, exercise, and exhibit in designated areas. No exceptions. Livestock are not permitted in campground.

  10. Livestock owners are required to clean up animal waste and to put waste in manure pits. This also includes pet waste.

  11. No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, golf carts, or motorized units are allowed on inner paved pathways.

  12. Alcoholic beverages must be kept or consumed at a campsite and are not allowed in exhibition areas or vehicles in livestock area. Use/possession of illegal substances will be turned over to law enforcement for appropriate action.

Building Rentals:

Buildings can be rented for reunions, wedding receptions, company picnics, graduation parties, etc..