Homemaker of the Year Application

Homemaker of the Year 2016

Leah Delahanty, 2015 Homemaker of the Year
Leah Delahanty, 2015 Homemaker of the Year

Rules  for  selecting  Homemaker  of  the  Year:

  1. Exhibitor  must  have  a  variety  of  entries  in  three  of  the  five  divisions:  Needlework, Culinary  Arts, Arts  &  Crafts, Photography, Horticulture.
  2. Must  have  a  good  showing  of  winning  awards.
  3. May  not  be  named  Homemaker  of  the  Year  in  previous  consecutive  years.
  4. The Homemaker will be representing us at the State Homemaker Contest held in Saginaw, Michigan, in 2017.
  5. Applicants are requested to come on Monday, August 8, at 1 pm for  an interview. Homemaker  of  Year  will  be  announced  at  2:00pm. 

    First  Prize:  $75.00 *  Second  Prize:  Dinner  for  Two

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